Team Sports Registry™ is an online, database web portal specifically designed for high schools, middle schools and club teams to catalog and store yearly team sports records. Schools and club teams find themselves with the difficult task of warehousing physical scorebooks, stat sheets and written records from sports seasons dating back to the early 1950’s. Most schools either have an alumni volunteer that keeps up with all the historical stats from seasons past or they have a physical storage room inside the school where they keep the physical records.

Who was the first person in your school’s history to score a 3 point basket? Who is the school’s all-time hits leader in baseball?  What soccer team in your school’s history has the most wins? These questions are very difficult to answer and there is probably no one you know of that can answer these questions.

Team Sports Registry™ solves this problem by offering an on-line, data storage solution capable of storing unlimited amounts of data.  You can now keep all of the school’s athletic records in one place and feel comfortable the records will stand the test of time and be available to alumni and the general public forever via the web.

Moreover, the website portal can be used as a forum to advertise to local businesses and over time the web portal pays for itself. Students who have study hall or free periods can be used for data entry or we offer an optional data entry service at reasonable rates.  The web portal is a reasonable $499, a low cost to preserve school history.  Payment plans or installment payments are available.  We don’t want cost to keep you from purchasing our portal.

Our team at Kannix Sports is dedicated to providing data storage/sports entertainment solutions at a reasonable price.  If you are interested in hearing more about Team Sports Registry™ and how it can work for your school and/or team, please contact us for a free consultation. We are more than happy to speak with you about how Team Sports Registry™ can solve your data storage issues and work for your school.

Team Sports Registry™ is an online portal so it can be accessed from any computer that has broad-band internet access. We are committed to servicing and supporting this product throughout.

For more information or to demo our web portal please contact Mike Bannister at 615-757-6914 or  Please visit our website at


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Mike Bannister
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