PGC and BCAT Announce Partnership:

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BCAT is pleased to announce a partnership with PGC(Point Guard College) Basketball. They are the foremost leader in basketball skill development. They provide a tremendous service to both players and coaches worldwide. Here are some of the things they will do for BCAT members:

1. Coaches Videos – Complimentary access to the 12-week PGC Coaches

Circle videos to every coach in your membership.

 2. Awards Full scholarships to a PGC summer session for two players

(value: $795 each) and two coaches (value: $295 each). PGC will provide

complimentary meals and accommodations for the award recipients for their

5-day, 4-night PGC course.

 a. PGC Heart of a Champion Award – This award will be presented

annually to one male player and one female player who overcame

significant adversity in their season or career.

 b. PGC Transformational Coach Award – This award will be presented

annually to one boys coach and one girls coach who have had a

transformational effect on the lives of their players and fellow coaches.

 3. Fall Courses – PGC will provide 5 scholarships for coaches to a PGC fall

course (Value: $95/coach)

 4. PGC/Glazier Coaching Clinics Complimentary passes for three coaches 

Remember these are for BCAT members only. Check with  your coaches and make sure they join!

Late fees will apply after December31, 2017