BCAT Director Bruce Slatten met with directors of basketball coaches associations to discuss forming a national association. Other directors from Indiana, Missouri, Kentucky, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, North Carolina and Arizona discussed the next steps needed to complete the association.

The purpose of organizing the association is to:

1) Promote and protect the rich tradition of basketball throughout the United States

2) Foster higher standards in professionalism and to support the coaches and players through activities which benefits participants engaged in basketball throughout the nation.

This will be accomplishd by a grassroots movement to organize nationally by linking the individual state associations that are currently operational and by contacting key coaches that currently do not have a state association to encourage them, with our help and guidance, to form an association for their state.

During the organizational period we will develop an executive committee to adopt a constitution that will be developed by our National High School Basketball Coaches and Directors to serve the needs of a national association.

During the meeting directors discussed several topics:

* Organizing 5-6 committees for a national program

* Selection process of a board of directors

* Selection of an executive body

* Requirements for membership

* Developing an awards program

* Benefits

* National Conference

Coaches will re-assemble July 13 in Las Vegas, Nevada to complete the organizing process.

Above and below: Coaches discuss options for NHSBCD

Above: Coach Slatten (far right) and other Basketball Coaching Association Directors