BCAT  is excited to be able to offer you Ballogy Pro at our special discounted rate of only $450/yr for your entire team. That is 10% off the regular price of $500/yr.

Ballogy’s goal is to make player development both clear and measurable for you and your team.


With Ballogy, it’s easy to see your players improve over time.


●        Keep data in one place by setting up a custom group within the Ballogy app.

●        Easily scale player development by assigning shooting tests and custom challenges.

●        Communicate and inspire by sharing exclusive content only seen by your team.

●        Create accountability when you review players’ workouts captured via in-app video.



Get your team started with Ballogy Pro today by clicking here and using discount code balltake10. The Ballogy team is  standing by to answer any questions. Contact us at info@ballogy.com today! Keep elevating your game!