It is with great pleasure that I share with each of you the forging of a relationship between the Women’s Basketball Coaches Association and the National High School Basketball Coaches Association.  Due to the hard work and dedication of Renee Turpa (Indiana) the NHSBCA can now add the WBCA to our list of partnering associations that allows us to grow and work together getting the word out about our associations. The WBCA is the leading association in the country for the betterment of women’s basketball.  A couple years back we were fortunate to have the Executive Director of the WBCA present to our membership body. We hope to continue this next summer in Indianapolis and have invited a representative from their association.

There are two attachments included  and it is the NHSBCA’s hope that you can share these with girl’s coaches across your state.



Please reach out to me if you have any questions about the NHSBCA and for more information regarding the WBCA, please contact Renee Turpa at


Nalin Sood
President, NHSBCA

Our mailing address is:

National High School Basketball Coaches Association

PO Box 638

Plainfield, IN 60499