Why Join BCAT?

What BCAT does and why you should join:

  •        This year, 2021-22,  EVERY BCAT MEMBER will be covered by our $1,000,000 LIABILITY INSURANCE POLICY. We encourage you to get a school membership and get all of your boys and       girls staff membership in BCAT.
  •         A member coaches children, players, and managers are eligible for the BCAT $500 scholarships awarded to graduating seniors. The coach must be a BCAT member for 2 consecutive           years, including the current school year to be eligible.
  •         Worked diligently with the TSSAA Directors and Board of Control Members to add classes to high school basketball. Our voices were heard and we have accomplished this.
  •          Member coaches/schools will make their players eligible for BCAT All-Star games. We have a great All-Star Weekend with 4 boys and girls teams from across the state. After December         15, 2021  late membership fee will go to  $55 for individual coaches and $200 for school memberships; however this will give that member 2 years of membership.·
  •      Member schools will make their players eligible for BCAT senior showcases for college coaches at no cost!
  •      Worked hard to get Spring practice back, along with July practices, and individual workouts throughout the school year. We can say those were accomplished with our pushing the                 TSSAA.
  •         Members receive weekly playbooks that are well worth the $25 membership fee.
  •          Members will receive coaching info in our monthly newsletters. These may be articles or videos sent to their emails or on the website.
  •         Members will receive the BCAT newsletter on a monthly basis during the school year updating members on events involving basketball statewide.
  •          Member schools and coaches will be eligible for BCAT Coach of the Year awards. If every head coach in a district joins, the BCAT will provide the Coach of the Year awards for that                 district.
  •          Members receive a BCAT membership card that is allowed by TSSAA for one entry into High School games across the state as approved by each school, district and region.
  •          Hold regular meetings with TSSAA leadership concerning issues with basketball.
  •          Worked very hard with the NCAA, NFHS, TSSAA, and NHSBCA to establish the new June NCAA LIVE RECRUITING EVENTS not just in Tennessee but nationwide. After our 2019 events          the BCAT HOOPFEST held in Memphis and The TOP 100 held in Murfreesboro we are the “Gold Standard” on how to host these events and are now modeled by all state associations.
  •          Have accomplished getting our Spring practice back, July practices, and individual workouts throughout the school year approved and reinstated by the TSSAA.
  •          BCAT members also get an automatic membership in the National High School Basketball Coaches Association (NHSBCA).
  •          Our coaches have enjoyed the best coaching clinic in the nation for the last 15 years. Check www.bcathoops.com for updates ON THIS YEARS CLINIC.
  •          Have worked and will continue to work with charitable organizations to build the game and draw awareness to the charity.
  •         Members will receive discount offers on services provided by our sponsors. Such as DrDish, Baron Championship Rings, PGC Basketball, BSN Sports, and several others.