Membership has privileges.

Changes are coming to BCAT. If you didn’t read the “Why Join BCAT?” letter on the website or via email, you need to… is a link:

Why join BCAT?

BCAT Members may join a new email list server by visiting the site below and registering. Soon the website and email list will be available to only members of BCAT. If you have not joined this year, you may download the forms on the front page.
Information on the 2010 Clinic, the Coaches v Cancer golf tournament, membership, games needed, etc…are posted.


There has been some questions regarding the cost to BCAT. Membership is $20. If you attend the clinic and have not renewed for 2010-11 then it will cost $60 – which pays for your BCAT Membership too. If you have already paid for your 2010-11 membership, the cost of the clinic is $40.

I will publish an article after the clinic to summarize some of the future actions of BCAT. I hope to see every basketball coach in Tennessee in Nashville on September 24!