Brunch for the players at Blackman High School  
Girls Semi Final Games
Boys Semi Final Games
Girls Consolation Game & Girls Championship Games
Boys Consolation Game & Boys Championship Game
Players are expected to be at Blackman High School at 10:30 AM for the brunch.  Parents may attend this event, but due to cost will have to pay $10 if they plan on eating and must let their child’s BCAT ALL-STAR Coach know if they will attend the meal by no later than Saturday March 16th.

Cost of the games will be $10 and the ticket will be good for all of the games. BCAT member coaches get in free


BCAT / TACA All Star Rosters



BCAT West                                                                  BCAT Memphis


Coaches:                                                                                                            Coach:
Lee Pipkin                Chester County                                                            Wes Shappley        Arlington

Bianca Hensley      Lexington


Player                         High School              HS Coach                                   Player                         High School              HS Coach


KJ White                   Gibson County        Mitch Wilkins                             Lanetta Williams      Arlington                   Wes Shappley

Trinity Beard             Lexington               Bianca Hensley                           Lanyce Williams       Arlington                   Wes Shappley

Eve Griffin                 Lexington                Bianca Hensley                           Hadley Horner          Harding Academy    Becky Starks

Kiera Hill                   Peabody                    Michael Hart                               Alexandria Ellis         Harding                      Becky Starks

Olivia Ware                Peabody                    Michael Hart                               Mary Grace Smith    Brighton                    David Wampler

Anya Patterson        Crockett Co               Kayla Irvin                                    T’aliyah Brown          Brighton                    David Wampler
Sydney Wilson         Chester County        Lee Pipkin                                    Brianna Pettis           Mitchell                     Ashley Shields

Shadaesya Glover    Haywood Co             Patrice Boyd                               Miata Borders          Mitchell                     Ashley Shields

Alexis Akins               Dyer Co                      Derek McCord

Katelyn Anderson    Dyer Co                      Derek McCord



BCAT East                                                                   BCAT Middle


Coach:                                                                                                                  Coach:

Corey Barrett                              Lebanon                                                        Darvin Gill                 Rhea County


Player                         High School              HS Coach                                    Player                         High School              HS Coach


Abby Morgan           Coffee County          Joe Cope                                      Aislyn Hayes             Riverdale                    Amy Josephson

Gracee Dishman      Cumberland Co        Radhika Miller                            Jalyn Holcomb         Riverdale                    Amy Josephson

Chloe Grace Savage Cookeville                  Jamie Gillies                                Lauren Flowers         Stewarts Creek          Lindy King

Gracie Bush              Clarkrange                Lamar Rogers                              Jaida Bond                Blackman                   Wendi Scott

Courtney Whitson   Dobyns-Bennett     Bill Francis                                   Olivia Perry                Oakland               Jennifer  Grandstaff

Jada Guinn                Oak Ridge                  Paige Redman                             Macy Rippy               Rossview                   Justiin Woods

Kenzie Arms              Clay County              Matt Walker                                Nia Vanzant              Blackman                   Wendi Scott

Taylor  Strong          Clay County              Matt Walker                                Ryann Roberts         Dickson Co               Erin Webb

Lydia Brown             Dekalb County         Danny Fish                                  Tondrianna Davis    Mt. Juliet                   Chris Fryer

Yaubryon Chambers Providence Chr      Tara James                                   Demariae Ingram      Marshall Co              David Steely



BCAT / TACA All Star Roster



BCAT West                                                                  BCAT Memphis


Coach:                                                                                                                     Coach:

Lonnie Starks          Ripley                                                                                  Dion Real              Bartlett


Player                         High School              HS Coach                                        Player                           High School        HS Coach           


R.J. Abernathy          Humboldt                 Ron Abernathy                               Antavion Collum        Bartlett                 Dion Real

Jermaine Bonds       Ripley                         Lonnie Starks                                  Wynne Brown, Jr      Bartlett                 Dion Real

Jamari Bostic            Ripley                         Lonnie Starks                                  Sylvester Thompson Bartlett                 Dion Real

Demarius Boyd        Haywood                   Oliver Simmons                              Jefferson Walker        Bartlett                 Dion Rea

Anthony Jones        Humboldt                 Ron Abernathy                               Chandler Lawson      Wooddale           Keelon Lawson

Hunter Klutts           Millington                 Jewel Gates                                     Kylan Cunningham    Munford             Ryan Ross

Jusino Prather         Chester Co.               Drew Stutts                                     Sam Wiseman             Arlington             Don Deaton

Phenix Street           Bradford                    John Glisson                                  Ashton Smith             Southwind          Paul Edwards

Cortez Thomas        Chester Co.               Drew Stutts                                     Will Wilson                 Ridgeway             Wes Henning

Tarre’q Williams      Sacred Heart             Nick Beauregard                             Kyree Cunningham   Munford              Ryan Ross

Dontae Williamson Sacred Heart             Nick Beauregard



BCAT East                                                                   BCAT Middle

Coaches:                                                                                                                Coach:


Neil Capps                Stone Memorial                                                              Jim Fey                     East Nashville

Jason Welch            Macon Co


Player                         High School              HS Coach                                        Player                         High School             HS Coach               


Marcus Smith           Oak Ridge                  Aaron Green                                   K J Johnson              Marshall Co            Lavon King

Justin Headrick        Stone Memorial       Neil Capps                                      Alec Kegler                 Clarksville NE          John Stigall

Cameron Welch       Macon County         Jason Welch                                   Julius Dickson          Fayetteville             Chris Murdock

Blake Atwood           Johnson County     Austin Atwood                               Nate Bloedorn          Nolensville             Wes Lambert

Connor Jordan         Morristown East      Ryan Collins                                    Elijah Cobb                Riverdale                  Mike Voss

Dominique Oggs      Sweetwater                Jeremy Henderson                        Caleb Grimes            East Nashville        Jim Fey

Anthony Watkins   McCallie                     David Conrady                               Dontavius Brown   Columbia Central Nicholas Campbell

Jaden Jamison          Oakland                     Troy Bond                                       Sky Polk                 Columbia Acad       Marty Dejarnette

Trey Trotter               Summertown            Wes Long