BCAT Newsletter October 2017



  • 2017 BCAT Coaches Clinic
  • Dish Giveaway winner
  • BCAT and BCAM partnership
  • District 4 TSSAA Board of Control vote
  • BCAT Members Scholarship info
  • BCAT All-Star and Coach of the Year info
  • BCAT membership info and rates for late enrollees
  • New BCAT Partnerships
  • BCAT plays of the week: Michigan State

Thanks for attending the BCAT Coaches Clinic!

This year’s clinic was held Sept. 15-16 at Centennial High school in Franklin. It will go down as one of the best we have experienced since the BCAT started the clinic in 2007. Well over 350 attendees, from Tennessee and  8 different states witnessed two Hall of Fame coaches, Tom Izzo of Michigan State and Bobby Knight formerly of Indiana and Texas Tech. Both coaches supplied our members with over 3 hours of basketball wisdom! Also featured at the clinic was Kermit Davis of MTSU who brought his team over for a one hour practice/workout. Also,  Rick Byrd of Belmont, Kevin Eastman and Dave Severns of the L.A.Clippers and Mike Neighbors Head Coach of the Arkansas Women’s team were equally outstanding. Thanks also go out to Gene Menees for the TSSAA rules meeting on the 16th.

Dr. Dish giveaway: Congratulations go out to Coach David Powers of North Middle School in Winchester who won a new $7,300 Dr. Dish All-Star shooting machine at this year’s clinic. The drawing was held at Buffalo Wings and Rings in Franklin at the BCAT Clinic coaches social. THANKS TO BCAT SPONSOR Dr. DISH!!



BCAT reps attend the Basketball Coaches Association of Michigan Clinic and Hall of Fame Dinner .

Following suit with BCAM coaches attending our clinic here in September, we visited the BCAM clinic Oct. 14-15 held at the Oakland University arena outside of Detroit. We have shared many ideas on making their organization as well as ours better. Michigan has approximately 700 high schools with over 5600 members, that’s right 5600 members in their association. Almost 1,000 coaches attend their clinic every year. Every high school and college head coach and assistant in Michigan are active members!  Another highlight was the Hall of Fame dinner. The dinner was attended by over 300 featuring inductees into the Michigan Basketball Hall of Fame. They elect inductees in three categories: coaches, contributors and friends of basketball.

BCAT will begin its process for our HOF this year with more to come in the next newsletter.

Huge TSSAA Board of Control vote:

In November, there will an important vote in middle Tennessee for the TSSAA District 4 Board of Control seat that opened when Jerry Mathis of Tullahoma High school retired. Currently, there are three candidates and  some of their objectives:

Dirk Ash, Principal Lavergne High School and former Head Basketball Coach at Smith County High School. Wants: more classifications, Common Districts and regions in all sports, review tie breakers in all sports to encourage strength of schedule, review of policies and procedures for officials; including assigning fees, pay and selection of officials for post-season.

Grant Swallows, Principal at White County High School. Wants: more classifications to level the playing field, feedback from schools to make decisions, Represent the interests of schools in district 4, to be accessible to the schools in district 4.

Travis Moore, Assistant Principal Tullahoma High School.  Wants: More classifications.

Not all schools/members that receive this email will be voting for this seat on the BOC. However, those that will be voting should do their research and find out what they are for and against. We certainly do not want another fiasco like the classification vote we had in July 2016. We want representation of member schools and their needs.


Scholarship info:

Member’s children as well as players will be eligible for one of three scholarships provided by BCAT. These scholarships will be available in the spring of 2018 for students who will enroll in college for the 2018-19 school year. Eligibility guidelines will be posted soon at www.bcathoops.com. To be eligible each coach must be a member in good standing with the BCAT

Important All Star and Coach of the Year Info:

To make your players eligible for the all star games, coaches/schools must be registered and be a BCAT member in good standing, this means up to date membership for the school year 2017-18. Memberships are good until August 1st of each new school year.

We would like to give Coach of the Year Awards by each region across the state. However this must be a BCAT member in good standing to receive the award on the region and state level. Currently, we give up to 6 COY awards state wide, we would like to expand this to the regional level. Help us do this by becoming a member!  

***Please  Note: We take memberships of regular cost up to December 31st, 2017. After this the membership cost for individual coaches goes up to $100 and school to $250, however this will be for 2 years of membership 2017-18 and 2018-19. We understand this is harsh and truly is not what we want to do, but the trouble of coaches calling at the last minute to get their players into the all star game is why we are doing this.


Membership Options:

Individual:  $20 per year for individual coach

School :    $100 per year for  up to 10 memberships can include both head coaches, assistants, AD, principal, etc. This is by far the best deal!  This way everyone including the administration at your school can get updates on BCAT and High School Basketball news and issues across Tennessee!

Middle School: $50 for up to six (6) coaches from that school.

 ***After December 31, 2017 the individual membership fee will go to  $100 and school membership (up to 10 coaches) goes to $250  however this will give that member 2 years of membership***               

 Membership forms and registration are available at www.bcathoops.com


New Partnerships

BCAT is proud to partner with Baron Championship Rings. This is a great company that will partner with us to provide our BCAT Coaches Hall of Fame rings. Each coach elected to the BCAT  HOF will receive a customized ring upon induction!!

BCAT will also partner with PGC Basketball to provide members with free videos and discounts to PGC camps/clinics for players of our member coaches/schools.

BCAT has also partnered with Dr.Dish Basketball. Dr. Dish will offer discounts to active BCAT members on purchase of any of their products. Also, they gave away a $7,300 All-Star shooting machine to Coach David Powers of North Middle School in Winchester at the BCAT Clinic September 15th.


For BCAT info check www.bcathoops.com