BCAT Newsletter 12-1-21


We hope that your season has gotten off to a great start and your teams are playing hard and smart.  Sorry that this newsletter came out a little late. We want you to know we as an association are behind you and want to help push our great game in Tennessee to a new level.  Please take the time to read the pertinent information  below.


  1. BCATInfo for You.
  2. BCATAll-Star Game Sponsored by Sonic and BSN Sports.
  3. Century Club: Mike Hutchens
  4. BCAT Coach of the Year Awards
  5. BCATScholarships.
  6. BCATLiability Insurance.
  7. State Tournament Meal for member schools.
  8. BCAT District Players of the Week.
  9. Games Needed info.

BCAT Info for you

We want you to know no one receives any pay in the BCAT. We are a 501C-3 nonprofit organization, Tax ID 81-3675297. Every membership fee goes back out in scholarships, liability insurance for members, insurance for events, event rentals, the All-Star games, and the coaching clinic just to name a few things.  

**Please note: we must have a valid email address and phone number for our members to be covered under the liability insurance.

BCAT All-Star Games:

This year our all-star game will be played at Lebanon High School on Saturday March 26, 2022. We have 4 boys and 4 girls teams from across the state. Each team plays 2 games. Sonic Drive-in’s will sponsor our game program which will feature a picture and write up of  all of the players in the games. BSN Sports will provide uniforms for the players.  Each player will be able to keep their uniform after the all star games. This is invaluable to the players and a memory they can share for a lifetime. 

Coaches, you must nominate players by December 20, 2021. Nominations will not be accepted after December 20th. COACHES MUST BE A MEMBER IN GOOD STANDING FOR THE 2021-22 SCHOOL YEAR FOR YOUR PLAYERS TO BE ELIGIBLE.

Century Club:

We want to congratulate Knoxville Catholic Head Coach Mike Hutchens who recently won his 600th game. Coach Hutchens has always been a class act and this is well deserved. Congrats to Coach Hutchens!

Coach of the Year Awards:

If every coach from your District is a BCAT member for 2021-22,  we will take care of (pay for) the District Coach of the Year award for your district. Also, to be considered for the BCAT State Coach of the Year awards you must be a member. If you or your district coaches are not sure about membership please email us at bcathoops@gmail.com and we will check our records.

BCAT Spring Clinic:

We want to announce that we are doing a Spring clinic in 2022. This will be held April 29-May 1 in Nashville. Currently scheduled to speak: 

Kelvin Sampson of Houston

Brad Underwood of Illinois

Jeff Walz of Louisville

As always the clinic fee will include membership for the 2022-23 school year. We will also have a Fall clinic that will be at a huge discount if you attend in the Spring. Registration will be open in early January for the Spring clinic.

BCAT Scholarships:

The BCAT annually awards $500 scholarships to deserving children, players, and managers of BCAT member coaches and schools. 

1.)    The parent/coach must have been a BCAT member for 2 consecutive years, including this school year (2021-22), for their child, players, and managers to be eligible. 

2.)    Priority will be given to the children of BCAT member coaches first. Players and managers of member coaches will be second priority.

3.)    The child must be a high school senior who is graduating this year (2022).

4.)     The scholarship is based on academic success and activities other than athletics.

5.)    A Committee of BCAT coaches will make the final decisions on the applicants based on the information supplied on the application form.

6.)    Download the form at www.bcathoops.com , fill it out completely and mail it to the address listed on the form.  

**Please note- All BCAT Scholarships are paid solely by BCAT membership dues. Forms are accepted March 1st through April 1st 2022 only. **

BCAT Member Liability Insurance

**Please note: we must have a valid email address and phone number for our members to be covered under the liability insurance.

All BCAT members receive $1,000,000 in liability insurance coverage. This is extremely important in the times we live today. This covers all BCAT member coaches if they are sued because of a multitude of reasons. We know how parents can be and this coverage gives our coaches an extra blanket of protection. We advise all our head coaches to get the school membership and cover all of your basketball coaches. Just think that if you have an assistant that gets accused and sued for negligence for an injury or any other reason this may come in handy and cover them, you, and your program.  This will cover BCAT members throughout the school year until membership expires July 31,2022. 

State Tournament Meal:

Coaches, the BCAT knows that the cost of teams making the state tournament is only going to keep going up and the TSSAA is not reimbursing teams like in years past. We also know that when you are preparing your team and getting bases covered for those days it can be overwhelming. We are going to start a program this year, 2021-2022, where we will take care of 1 meal for each team making the state tournament, this will be for BCAT MEMBER SCHOOLS WHO HAVE A SCHOOL MEMBERSHIP. Right now we are hoping to do this for both the boys and girls teams in D-1 and D-2, however it may be alternating years where we cover girls one year and boys the next. Below is the criteria:

  1.  For their teams to participate coaches must be BCATMembers that have a SCHOOL MEMBERSHIP for the current school year, 2021-2022. Cost of that membership is $100 but covers the staff of boys          and girls coaches from that school up to 10 coaches. If you have already paid for the individual membership of $25 you can upgrade it for the whole staff by simply paying the difference.   
  2. The meal will be catered to the team hotel or a location that we will announce for each team.
  3. The meal will be for team members, coaches, managers only up to 22 people.
  4. Memberships are accepted until December 15, 2021. After this date, late fees will be applied.

BCAT District Players of the Week:

Coaches we would like to start honoring district players of the week statewide. We ask that you send these to us on Saturday mornings by email at bcathoops@gmail.com and we will post on social media. The only requirement is that the players must be from a BCAT member school.

Games Needed:

Charles Taylor: Creek Wood High school jv play days December 11 looking for one more boys teams. January 15 need one girls team and 2 boys team . $50/game 2 games. Contact Creek Wood boys coach Charles Taylor at ctaylor@dcstn.org or 615-948-2689 or girls coach Russell Wilson at rwilson@dcstn.org or 931-237-1806

Charles Taylor: Middle schools boys jv Christmas tourney December 20 at Creek Wood High School. 3 game guarantee $50. Contact Creek Wood boys coach Charles Taylor at ctaylor@dcstn.org or 615-948-2689

Kip Brown: Beech high school is looking for 3 more boys JV teams to play in an 8 team JV tournament on Saturday Jan 29. Contact Kip Brown at 615-497-4059 or Carl.brown@sumnerschools.org if interested.

 Lipscomb Academy Girls are looking for JV games, please text Becky Starks (901) 483-1784 if interested