BCAT scholarship requirements 2019


2019 BCAT Scholarship Requirements


BCAT will annually award $500 scholarships to deserving childrenplayers, and managers of BCAT member coaches.

1.)    The parent/coach must have been a BCAT member for 2 consecutive years, including this year (2018-19), for their child to be eligible. 

2.)    Priority will be given to the children of BCAT members first. Players and managers of member coaches will be second priority.

3.)    The child must be a high school senior who is graduating this year (2019).

4.)     The scholarship is based on academic success and activities other than athletics and basketball.

5.)    A Committee of BCAT coaches will make the final decisions on the applicants based on the information supplied on the application form.

6.)    Download the form, fill it out completely and mail it to the address listed on    the form.  

**Please note: All BCAT Scholarships are paid solely by BCAT membership dues. Applications are accepted March 1st through April 1st 2019 only **